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(IITACB) Support

IIT Alumni Centre Bengaluru (IITACB) Support

The IIT Alumni Centre Bengaluru (IITACB) has expressed interest in supporting IITs towards finding the appropriate industry partners and projects. They have made a list of Experts, a list of possible project areas of interest to the industry and a list of workshops that IITACB can co-ordinate and conduct, preferably in Bengaluru. The main aim is to make the projects under UAY more relevant to the needs of the relevant industry with clearly defined deliverable products / processes. Mr. Ashok Kamath and Ms. Susheela Venkataraman, both members of IITACB Governing Council, will be coordinating the effort along with Prof. Ashok Misra.

Any IIT interested in seeking the assistance of experts identified by IITACB or in connecting to industries identified by them can please contact Mr. Ashok Kamath at ashokrkamath@gmail.com or Ms. Susheela Venkataraman at susheelav@gmail.com.

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