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  1. Can individual faculty upload proposals ?

    No. Individual faculty should send the completed proposals to the Local Co-ordinators (LCs) of their institute, who will after necessary internal process, upload the proposal in the portal. A list of the names of the local co-ordinators of various institutes is available in the portal.

  2. What software should be used to edit the template ?

    The template should be edited only using ADOBE ACROBAT READER.

  3. Can multiple industries support a UAY proposal? If so, how shall we enter the names of their PIs given that there is only one field?

    Please form a consortium with a name assigned to it and one person as lead-PI of the consortium. Put this consortium name and lead PI name in the proposal. Attach a document with the list of companies in the consortium, the proportion of share of funds in percentage and names of PIs from each, as part of the support letter. As far as MHRD is concerned there will be a single person and entity responsible.

  4. A proposal may be relevant for more than one ministry. Is it possible that a proposal is supported by more than one ministry? If so, how shall that be specified?

    Since we have to send to one ministry, we need you to select the most appropriate one. Only one ministry will support a proposal.

  5. It is preferable to have a uniform format for the letter of support from industry. Is such a format available?

    It is not possible to have a uniform format. The format is unimportant (and may contain variants as specified in (1) above. However, each letter must state that it supports project titled ____ and will sanction Rs _____ for it during 20xx-20yy.

  6. Is there any constraint on the number of PIs/Co-PIs in a project (from the institute or from the industry)?


  7. How are we to create Gantt Charts in the editable PDF?

    Create it in any other software (like Word), cut and paste into a pdf file; the pdf file can be inserted into this space. We are not interested in extracting fields from it, so we don't care which tool you use.

  8. Can industry spend some of the money from the budget?

    Industry has to transfer money or billable materials to the IIT (e.g., some machine or component, or chemicals/intermediaries, or software licenses) whose value can be documented precisely and independently assessed. Manpower cost borne by industry cannot be billed to project. Travel cost of industry personnel can be billed to project from the funds transferred by industry.

  9. Can the industry contribution be in kind (at least partially) -- for example, in terms of software licenses, IP licenses, data, etc?

    See above. IP license cost cannot be included, as the technology developed in the project will be licensed to itself! If the technology is licensed to another company, at that time the IP license can be charged to that company.

  10. There are no travel and contingency heads in the budget proforma. These are very essential considering that the collaboration with industry will necessitate travel between the industry and the institute.

    I was provided these 5 heads by MHRD. I believe the 30% OH includes travel and contingencies.

  11. It has been mentioned that the 25% industry contribution is preferably on manpower and consultants. It is not clear why these specific sub-heads are highlighted.

    Again, this was decided by MHRD. They expect industry to be spending more for manpower (possibly allowing salaries more generous than govt scales), than for equipment.

  12. The table for budget does not have provisions for multiple years. Is there a lower bound on the number of years? Is the upper bound 5 years?

    MHRD has not specified the number of years. It is presumed that technologies of interest to industry will in many cases need to be developed within 1-2 years in today's fast moving world.

  13. There does not seem to be an entry for the Ministry of Science and Technology.

    Yes, this is deliberate. DST/DBT/DEITY etc. are not a user ministry. They will not route their own project funding through UAY.

  14. Why some of the non-user Ministries are not listed?

    The list of Ministries in 2017 has been restricted to those Ministries that had agreed to fund in UAY-2016.

  15. Is it necessary that 10% may be specifically earmarked for travel and contingency explicitly out of the 30% overhead?

    No. Some projects may have less or more. It is upto each IIT to approve within the 30%

  16. There is no column for putting the bio-data of the principal investigator, which would give an idea of the credential of a person for taking up the large project.

    We do not want 30-page biodatas. The upto-10 relevant pubs/patents are enough.

  17. Do we need to upload institute support letter along with the industry support letter?

    The act of uploading of proposal by LC is tantamount to Institute approval for the proposal. Hence no Institute letter is needed.

  18. How should the budget table be worked out?

    The budget table has year-wise breakup. Assuming that all the projects are to be lesser than 3 year duration the year-wise breakup is restricted to 3 years. In case the project duration is greater than 3 years, the budget requirements for 3 and above years may be shown under the 3rd year.
    For every year, you have a total support column (in the left) and the industry support column (in the right). If the total support for the 1st year is Rs.1 lakh, Rs.25,000/- has to come from industry. In the budget table, support requested column should be Rs.1 lakh and the industry support column should be Rs.25,000/-. Balance Rs.75,000 will come from MHRD and user ministry.
    Industry support should be 25% of the total support each year.

  19. How is overhead budget calculated and what are essentially covered under it ?

    Overheads is 30% of TOTAL project cost, incl industry contribution. If project is Rs 1 lakh, industry contribution is Rs 25K, MHRD Rs 50K, Ministry Rs 25K. UAY Overhead is Rs 30K out of the Rs 1 lakh, and Rs 7.5K of this OH will come from industry part.
    The "OH" as defined in UAY includes travel, contingencies, and what we usually call Institute OH. There is no separate allocation for travel and contingencies.

  20. If a faculty member is already involved in a UAY project, can he/she apply for another UAY project?

    Yes, he/she can apply for another UAY project.

  21. For any queries not covered above, please write to director@iitm.ac.in.

    This page will be constantly updated with such additional queries and replies.
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